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Grieving Children

Cory Helps Kids Cope with Grief:

Playful Activities for Young Children

by Liana Lowenstein

Through Coryˈs Story and a range of inventive activities, including art, games, and puppets, this book provides specialized techniques to help children bereaved by suicide, homicide, drug overdose, natural disasters, military casualties, mass violence, and other types of loss. Tailored for ages 4 to 8, this essential resource features a reproducible story, creative assessment and treatment interventions, and insightful parent handouts. It's ideal for one-on-one sessions, family work, or grief support groups. Let Cory guide young grievers on their journey to healing.


“This resource is brimming with a treasure trove of ideas, tools, and suggestions for supporting grieving children and their caregivers. Talking about death can be overwhelming, complicated, and emotive and this book supports the feelings helper to be more equipped and guided through these important conversations. This is enhanced through the use of characters, stories, and a wide range of creative and practical activities.”

--Dr. Karen Treisman, MBE, Clinical Psychologist, author, trainer, United Kingdom

“Liana Lowenstein has created a vibrant book for professionals and all caring adults working with grieving children. The activities are engaging for young people and will assuredly promote a safe space to express challenging feelings related to grief and loss. I highly recommend this book as a practical resource and tool to aid youth on their grief journey.”

--Linda Goldman, MS, FT, Fellow in Thanatology, professor, author of Life and Loss

“This is an excellent resource full of useful ways to assess and support bereaved children aged 4-8 as well as practical methods for engaging and assisting caregivers to best help children through grief and loss. Another must-have from Liana Lowenstein!”

--Jacki Short, M.Ed, Registered Counseling Psychologist, Play Therapist Supervisor, Australia

ISBN #: 978-0-9951725-2-4


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